All About Our Wools

There are a number of unique qualities that set us apart from other carding mills. We are very proactive with wool growers to ensure the humane treatment of sheep. We also strongly discourage the use of pesticides or herbicides. Not only are we concerned with cruelty-free practices, we also require an exceptional quality of wool. We only accept wool with a vegetable matter content of less than .05%. This ensures that we begin the art of processing wool with exceedingly clean wool, for a more refined and economical operation.

We offer two options for our high loft wool batting: carded wool and garnetted wool. Our carded wool uses a machine that originally produced yarn. This is one of the only 3-breaker carding machines still operating in the US. Due to the precision of carding for yarn, this unique machine removes much more vegetable matter than a traditional carding machine for batting. The other option is a more cost-effective way of producing batting. Garneting machines use metal teeth as opposed to carding wires to comb the wool into batting. The result is more of a “web” shape of batting rather than the neatly aligned fibers of carded wool. 

Premium Eco Wool Batting (Domestic)

Our trademarked Premium Eco Wool Batting is made with locally sourced, family-run farms. This blend is made with primarily Corriedale, Suffolk, Dorset, Cheviot, Romney, Morrit, Coopworth, and Columbia sheep - ensuring an ideal amount of course and fine long fibers. Proven by bed and furniture designers, this blend maintains a nice loft longer than poly filler or other non-natural products. We begin with exceptional low debris wool before proceeding to scouring with a mild, biodegradable soap. Finally, the scoured wool is carded or garnetted into batting.

Available dimensions: 55” to 88” wide, 1 lb/LYto 3.3 lbs/LY

World Class Wool Batting (Imported)

Our World Class Wool is imported from New Zealand. This batting showcases a cost-effective alternative for organic wool. No chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides are used in the processing of this wool. We take every opportunity to source this wool directly from family farms. We use several different sheep breeds to create our Wool Class Wool including Dorset and Columbia.

Available dimensions: 55” to 88” wide - 1 lb/LY to 3.3 lbs/LY.

Dark Wool Batting (Domestic)

Our Dark Wool Batting is hand-selected from domestic wool growers. Because dark wool has a high crimp count, this makes a very dense yet resilient batting. The color varies from brown to grey or almost black.  Some of our bedding customers like the structure of this blend and find it to be more resilient than the ivory wool blends. Others like this wool for its unique color.

Available dimensions: 88” by 36 yds (3.3 lbs/LY)

Organic Wool Batting (GOTS Certified)

Our Organic Wool Batting is made with Dorset and Columbia sheep and sourced in New Zealand. This wool is scoured with organic agents. 

Available dimensions: 55” to 88” wide - 1 lb/LY to 3.3 lbs/LY.
GOTS certified product.