EcoWool Filled Organic Cotton Pillows
EcoWool Filled Organic Cotton Pillows

EcoWool Filled Organic Cotton Pillows

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If you like a supportive pillow that is pure as can be, try our ECOWOOL organic pillows. Not only are all the ingredients processed naturally, without the traditional synthetics that even some organic wool producers use, but they are naturally resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, and other contaminants. 

Wool Pillows are made with layered batting to give support and are one of our denser feeling pillows. We make in different lofts to accomodate each persons needs. 

We cover our pillows with our organic cotton high quality damask for an attractive look and durabilty. With proper care, these pillows can last over 15 years. 

Our carded wool uses a machine that originally produced yarn. This is one of the only 3-breaker carding machines still operating in the US. Due to the precision of carding for yarn, this unique machine removes much more vegetable matter than a traditional carding machine for batting. 

Choose your wool fill:

Premium EcoWool USA: Our trademarked Premium Eco Wool Batting is made with locally sourced, family-run farms. This blend is made with primarily Corriedale, Suffolk, Dorset, Cheviot, Romney, Morrit, Coopworth, and Columbia sheep - ensuring an ideal amount of course and fine long fibers. Proven by bed and furniture designers, this blend maintains a nice loft longer than poly filler or other non-natural products. We begin with exceptional low debris wool before proceeding to scouring with a mild, biodegradable soap. Finally, the scoured wool is carded or garnetted into batting.

GOTS Certified Organic Wool: Our Organic Wool Batting is made with Dorset and Columbia sheep and sourced in New Zealand. This wool is scoured with organic agents. 

Spot clean using 1 part natural cleaner or vinegar to 2 parts water. Do not saturate inner fiber. Made here at our San Diego, CA Facility.

Replacement zip on covers, or protective outers are available should you ever want one.  


We make any size. Our regular sizes are below.

Standard 20 X 25"

Queen 20 x 30"

King 20 x 35"

BodyCylindrical 9 x 60"

Body 18 x 54"

Euro 26 x 26"

Large Euro 30 x 30"

Travel/Throw 16 x 16"

Throw 22 x 22"

Boudoir 12.5 x 16"

Child 14 x 20"

Call for custom sizes 1-800-939-0701 

28 years of US Organic Manufacturing