Organic Diaper Doublers
Organic Diaper Doublers

Organic Diaper Doublers

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We have been making these fine organic diaper doublers for parents since 1992!
These are made from 4 layers of our thirsty certified organic cotton fleece to feel super soft against babys sensitive areas. These are the most absorbent I have ever seen. My first baby was a heavy night wetter. 

Just lay doubler in diaper cover alone or with a cloth diaper for heavy wetters or nighttime use. The best price for the most absorbency.
Machine wash and dry. Wash and dry a few times before first use to get the natural cotton oils off for absorbency. Secret (I never presoaked my cloth diapers).

This is our 4 x 11" toddler
or 3.5 x 10" Infant

Certified Organic Cotton
No dyes
Custom sizes available

Made in USA since 1992

Ginny - 1992 Founder Ecobaby Organic