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Fabric : GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Damask, you can request organic cotton Khaki Twill, or Natural Twill
Filling : Pure EcoWool Batting
Weight of filling approx. 8 lbs (Single Twin size)

The yarn we tuft with is 100% natural wool

People love the comfortable, super breathable feel of a shikibuton. I have two of the 3" on our wood framed couch and we love it. I can pull one off and use elsewhere for guests.

No additives at all, no boric acid, no "natural" additives either. Just pure natural Ecowool and Organic Cotton

This is a Japanese shikibuton (shiki futon) made by our excellent seamsters that have been making our organics since the 90s
Handmade in Southern California at our Country Location

These are used for mattress pads, mediation, couches, retreat rooms and more. A great deluxe pad for getting massages, ahhhhhh.

We can make any size at no extra charge.

Our standard size of shikibuton (shiki futon)

Cot 28 x 52"
Twin 38 x 75" 3" is about 28 lbs fill
Twin XL 38 x 80"
Full 54 x 76"
Queen 60 x 80"
King 76 x 80"
CaKing 73 x 84"

Choose your thickness. These compress about 20% over time.
(all measurements are approximate)